skyline rehabilitation videos

At Skyline Wellness, we provide a movement screen called Mag7 to help determine the appropriate treatment plan.  It is a clinical audit process where we are able to screen for pain in movement or dysfunctional movement with no signs of pain (developed by Craig Liebenson) .  We do this movement screening regardless if you are sedentary, weekend warriors, or elite athletes.   

The patient is screened at the beginning of treatment program, mid way through treatment program and finally on discharge.  The goal is help the patient return to the activities you love to do.   

Skyline Wellness is delighted to provide all our patients with videos for all rehabilitation exercises below.

Mag7: Crocodile Breathing

Proper breathing is the root of all healthy and functional movement.  Proper breathing mechanics help with better posture, decreased pain and decreased stress.

Mag7:  3 Point Breathing

Lets you bring awareness to the lateral expansion of the ribcage. With practice, it will help create an intuitive response to breathing and lateral expansion.  Proper breathing mechanics help with better posture, decreased pain and decreased stress.

Mag7: Mountain Pose

This pose can help pregnant women who are suffering from sciatica, reduce the effects of flat feet, improve your posture, strengthen the lower part of your body and load bearing joints, improve concentration and increase alertness.

Mag7: Cat/Camel  

This gentle exercise stretches and strengthens the muscles that stabilize the spine, including the back extensors and abdominals. When performed daily, the exercise can help improve the function of the back and decrease many irritating ailments. Helps create better range of motion in the spine.

Mag7: Overhead Arm Reach

The foam roller exercise will strengthen your abdominal wall, provide mobility of the ball/socket of the shoulder and mobility of the ball/socket in the hip.  Helps train stability in the trunk with mobility in the shoulder and stability in the trunk with mobility in the hips.

Mag7: Dead Bug

This lower abdominal exercise is used for stability through the trunk and mobility through the ball socket in the hips.   Helps train stability in the trunk and mobility in the hips to help with lower back pain.

Mag7: Hip Bridge

Grab your small ball or cushion to help improve your posture and avoid lower back pain.  Helps with lower back pain and hip extension.

Mag7: Modified Baby Getup

This abdominal exercise helps patients with knee stability.  It focuses on the connection between the abs and the hips which helps with stability of the core and knees.   Helps improve knee stability with medial collapsing of the knees.

Mag7: Band Walks With Balance

Grab your band and let’s work on the stability of the knee when it collapses inward (Knee Valgus).  Hinge those hips so that we can strengthen those abductors and external rotators.    This exercise improves lower body function, muscle balance, endurance, and control.  This exercise helps with hip activation which can help with knee stability.

You have reached your second screening and re-assessment is needed.  by now you should have the strength and agility to start trying more challenging skill sets.  Let's get you back in the gym or doing the sports you loved best.  

Mag7: Single Leg Squat

Let’s grab that yoga block to improve your single leg stance/use by strengthening the quadriceps.  This exercise works on the stability, balance and control from a single leg to provide equal balance between you your left and right side.

Mag7 TRX: Face Pull with External Rotation

This moving plank position helps to improve mobility through the shoulders. 

Mag7 TRX: Row

This moving plank position on the TRX requires you to pull and rotate and is good for strengthening the upper back.  While it mainly works the lats and other muscles in the back, this exercise also strengthens your grip, shoulders and core.   Ultimately strengthen your lats and improves posture.  

Mag 7 TRX: Y

This moving plank position on the TRX helps with shoulder mobility and works your lower traps.  This exercise is used to correct bad posture and strengthening the muscles surrounding the shoulder.  Helps strengthen lower Trapezius and improve posture.

Mag 7 TRX: T 

Helps strengthen rear deltoids and improve posture.

Mag 7 TRX:  Squat

The TRX Squate helps train good squat pattern.

Congratulations you are ready for discharge and should be pain free.  Below are additional EXERCISES to help you continue to development and wellness journey.