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Nutrition services by rachel attardi

  1. $150 for Full Initial Lifestyle Evaluation & Follow Up Report Session

    During the initial session, nutrition clients will be measured for all necessary metabolic measurements (body composition, blood pressure, & select others based on recommendation), discuss their current health and lifestyle status with the nutritionist, and engage in detailed goal-setting for their future.  During the follow-up session, nutrition clients will receive a full report and overview outlining their current status, individual daily recommended intakes of macronutrients, and a practical guideline for reaching their goals with recommendations tailored just for them.
  2. $300 - $50/session x 6 Bi-Weekly Sessions for Gradual Dietary Changes

    Clients who can benefit from continuing support will be invited to a program whereby ongoing 30 minute webchat or in-person sessions will be scheduled twice monthly.
  3. $60 individual sessions

    Support sessions to discuss dietary changes, and reassessing goals.
  4. $75 For a Personalized Meal Plan

    Based on report of findings, and tailored to food preference, behavioral profile, and optimized for time efficiency. Clients will receive a fully detailed meal plan outlining the foods, and recipes recommended for them with serving sizes and meal prep portions.