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Based in Alexandria and Arlington VA, we offer you the finest in massage therapy and wellness. Our massage therapists are all fully licensed and have experience with a large variety of clientele. When choosing to get a massage at Skyline Wellness you are working with a team who has used massage treatment and therapy for a large variety of ailments. While getting a massage can be extremely relaxing, it can also heal and correct pain, muscular tightness, anxiety, inflexibility or limited range of motion, and more. 

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Robert Ruiz, Licensed Massage Therapist 

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Larissa Miller, Licensed Massage Therapist

Larissa Miller is licensed Massage and Spinal Reflex Therapist in both VA an DC, who provides massage as a therapeutic approach to the treatment of muscle pain and dysfunction.  Following training in integrative healing methodologies at the Northern Virginia School of Therapeutic Massage, she went on to specialize in spinal reflex therapy, deep tissue and trigger point therapy, as well as acupressure with lymphatic drainage. Client sessions typically consist of a tailored blend of techniques to bring about relaxation, rehabilitation, a sense of well-being, and heightened awareness of the mind-body connection.

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