Moving Pregnant

Although pregnancy may not be our specialty, the Skyline Wellness professionals sure do know a lot about how to manage and induce positive outcomes for pregnant women. As an intern, I’ve come to learn that acupuncture can even help induce labor as well as reduce stress in women of all stages of pregnancy. I’ve also noticed a slew of pregnant clients who come into the movement room and receive drastic decreases in pain levels due to therapeutic exercises divvied out by the movement coach Christina Smith. Seeing the successes made through chiropractic, acupuncture, and physical therapy care persuaded me to investigate deeper. It turns out that dietary and lifestyle changes that occur early on in a women’s first trimester can benefit those who are obese and overweight. According to an article published by Science Daily, these women can reduce complications and gain less baby weight if they adhere to a strict regime of exercise and nutrition. Obese women who become pregnant are at a higher risk for delivering via C-section as a result of having a larger-than-normal baby. Of course diet and exercise are extremely important factors in anyone’s daily life; however, I figured it would be a valuable piece of advice for women experiencing pregnancy to realize the importance of these changes to help have a healthier and happier pregnancy. Alongside of the excellent care that is given at Skyline Wellness Center, we can all do our own part as individuals to help foster health and wellness.

Contributed by: Leeann Muncy