A Mother's Take on Taking Children to the Chiropractor

momandson "When am I getting my back cracked?" That’s exactly how my son will refer to having a regular chiropractic adjustment. After being treated for several respiratory disorders, numerous environmental allergies and chronic asthma attacks, he considers himself very lucky to have been able to experience relief to his health issues.

Growing up, he was always a healthy kid.   He was able to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest and doing what he loved doing, playing soccer among other activities. Then, the season started changing.  The nice warm days were gone. It all started with a simple cold that became a pneumonia because the doctors weren’t able to make it go away.  His immune system became extremely weak.  It got to the  point that I would keep him home for days when I knew someone was sick at school so he would not end up with another cold. As a parent, I am sure everyone understands the countless things we can do to protect them…if we could place them in a bubble... we would!

My son was diagnosed with chronic Asthma at the age of 4.  He lived with asthma attacks and serious respiratory issues for four years.  I cannot even name all the medications he was prescribed from inhalers to steroids to help his lungs breathe. All the ER visits and doctors’ appointments with very little results or none at all. I had tried everything, or at least what I considered everything.

I do have to mention that my son’s dad doesn’t believe in chiropractors, but I was tired of seeing my child suffer.   The day I decided to take my son to a chiropractic doctor for an evaluation was the day his life changed.   He was diagnosed with early stage scoliosis which was not helping his lungs because his spine was putting pressure on his rib cage. How I wished I would have known this before! All the endless nights could probably have been avoided. It was not late.  We were still able to help my son regain his health and be able to go back to being his normal self.

I share my story because I know there are parents out there going through this.  I know they are scared to take that extra step or to try something not so conventional.  Let me tell you it is all worth it. It may start off as a cold, a slowing or inability to reach milestones, a lack of concentration in school, ear infections or just knowing that something isn’t “right” with your child. Sometimes there aren’t any symptoms but you just know something is off. Whatever process they are going through, it is a red flag to let us know that they have lost part of their good health.

Seeing my child be able to run without having to stop to catch his breath is priceless.  No more sleepless nights or emergency room visits for us.  He has been seeing his chiropractor on a regular basis getting spinal manipulations.   The difference he has made in my child’s life is simply invaluable. I will never be able to thank him enough for giving my son his life back.